Using Art In Your Garden Without Looking Like You’re Trying

Richmond Botanical Garden

You may have thought that you want to use art in your garden design, but you are not sure how you can start. Using art in your garden is a brilliant idea – but often it can look artificial. You have to get the balance just right so that the art work integrates fully into your garden design and looks like a natural part of the landscape.

Using art in your garden has to be as much a part of the natural design as using any plant. Blending in whilst standing out is the key for most pieces.

Garden Art is for Everyone

Anyone can use art in their garden. Whilst we sometimes just think of grand sculptures in the garden, a project can be handmade and small. The beauty of using art in this way is that anyone can enhance the look of their garden by using small, inexpensive pieces of art. A handmade piece can work really well in a garden, and it would have personal significance to the owner. Art is meant to be fun – so don’t take it too seriously. Just relax and see how you can incorporate your ideas into your own garden design.

Art is Everywhere

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have art in your garden. You can use natural materials which you can find in nature – this will cost you nothing. You can also search through salvage yards or antique stores for interesting materials to use. There are so many possibilities the materials that you can use in your garden. Try to think outside the box to create your own art pieces. This will then add a very unique, personal touch to your garden design.

You can even use damaged items that no one else wants, to create interesting art pieces for your garden. Often there are cracked pots or broken sculptures which are available at a very reduced price. Think about how you could use these in your garden.

Get a Little Weird

Art is meant to be enticing, interesting and challenging. There is nothing wrong with putting a sculpture in an unexpected place in the garden.

weird garden photo
Photo by 2ilorg

You can use salvaged items to create an usual focal point in your garden. Go to the salvage yard and find a great looking door or window frame. You can paint it and position it in your garden so that it draws the eye to a particular point. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with salvaged furniture and fixtures. You can create really interesting art pieces with every day items.

Nature is Art

You can use nature to make your own art pieces. These have the advantage that they will not only easily blend in to the landscape, but also provide visual interest. Some ideas of materials that you can use are sticks, logs and stones. You can have a lot of fun combining these materials to make interesting objects. Let your imagination run wild! You can experiment with these materials to create some great pieces.


Photo by Mrs. Gemstone