Quick Tips for Adding Wall Art to Your Interior Decoration

Wall Art and Color

One of the most fundamental ways in which wall art can enhance any room is by introducing color which is complimentary to your overall design palette. There is now an endless choice of paint colors for your walls. This is both a benefit and a curse! Sometimes the choice can just be overwhelming and you can get very caught up in exactly which shade of blue, green, red, or yellow you want. The choices are endless.

Why don’t you try a different approach? You could use a piece of wall art as your inspiration. Instead of trying to fit the wall art to the color scheme which you have already chosen, you could find the art work first and use this as the template for your color palate and design scheme. You can either pick out the dominant color, or chose a number of colors and shades which will fit in with the art.

Use Different Styles of Wall Art

There are many different types of wall art – you do not just have to limit yourself to pictures and paintings. Using different art mediums on your wall can bring an interesting element to your interior design. Think about how you can use wall art to add texture to your room design.

video game painting photo
Photo by somegeekintn

Something as simple as a shadow box design can bring interest and originality to your interior design. You can personalize it with items which are meaningful to you and your family. It can be a great reminder of past vacations or special times in your life.

Wall Art is for Everyone

video game painting photo
Photo by Patrick Hoesly

You do not need to spend a great deal of money on wall art. There are so many different inexpensive art pieces available these days, it really is accessible for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a small space or a huge mansion, you should still give consideration to how wall art can make your space a better place.

The ideal is to integrate your wall art in to your design from the very start, but if this isn’t possible, do not let this deter you from using wall art to enhance your living space. That first studio apartment or room can benefit so much from having a beautiful, interesting or fun piece of wall art. You can choose whatever wall art is within your budget and makes you happy. There are no rules. Just enjoy.