Garden Art Tips: Adding Color and Flair

Chihuy Garden

Use Height to Create Interest

We all know that using hanging baskets and giving height using plants is a great design idea in the garden. You can also do this with art. Do not limit yourself to just thinking that art should be placed on the ground. You can also place art at different heights. You can suspend it from trees, place it high in a branch or use a hanging basket stand or hook to elevate your art piece off the ground.

Thinking of how you can use height in your garden can work particularly well if you only have a small space. There are specific challenges to working within a small space, but it is a great place to really think about how you can personalize the area with art. Even if all you have is a balcony you can use art to enhance the space that you have. Of course you do have to choose your pieces carefully as you only have a small space to work with, but you can still get really creative if you only have a limited area.

Multiple Pieces Can Work

You do not always have to think in terms of just having one piece of art in a particular place. Collections and groups of items can work really well. Sometimes one piece can get lost, but if you have a collection of similar items together it can really draw the eye. Imagine that you are creating a display on a mantelpiece. You often have similar pieces grouped together in your home, but this design idea often gets forgotten when we think of garden design. Think about how items that you have could work together in a group display.

garden glass photo
Photo by Mickey JT

Decorate Walls and Structures

You shouldn’t just limit yourself to having art within the flower beds and the ground of your garden. You will probably have lots of walls and structures in your garden which could be used to display great pieces of art. You can make that boring shed look like a work of art by letting your imagination run wild. You can paint directly onto the surface or attach art pieces to the structure.

Have a Sense of Humor

You can have a great time decorating your garden with art pieces which are meant to be just pure fun. A garden is meant to be a space where you can relax and enjoy some peace. You can often find garden character art pieces that will make you smile. It can be a great idea to place an amusing character in a slightly hidden place in your garden so that visitors stumble upon them and smile.

Above all you should have fun with garden art. There is no need to have any grand ideas or a huge budget. You just need to have some imagination and ideas of how you can make your garden a more interesting place.



Photo by Mickey JT