Designing a Living Wall for Your Home and Garden

Cinder Block Living Wall Garden

Living walls have become incredibly popular. The idea first emerged in commercial garden and building design, but now has become very popular in domestic garden design. It is a very easy way to add interest to your garden or interior design so that you can create a unique piece of art.  Make sure to heed our warnings about water damage if building an interior wall garden.

You can have living wall art in both the inside and outside of your home. Having a vertical garden can brighten up a blank wall on the outside of your house, or be used as an attractive wall feature inside your home. The possibilities are endless. You can create something which is purely decorative, or if you grow herbs it can be functional as well.

There are many pre-made wall art containers which are now on the market. You can choose from ones which are pre-planted, or just buy the frame and do the planting yourself.

Even though it may look a little difficult to make your own wall art with plants, with some patience and some skill, you can easily make one of these features yourself. You will then have the satisfaction of knowing that you have created your own living work of art. It is fascinating to see how it changes as it grows.

Your first step is to think about the basic needs of your plants. It doesn’t matter whether plants are in a wall art structure or a more conventional pot, they still have the same basic needs to survive. They need light, so you need to make sure that you are going to put your plant wall art in a place where they will get plenty of light. Obviously, they will also need soil and water. All your wall art garden needs is to be able to fulfil these needs. If you look after them, your plants will flourish and you will have an amazing wall decoration.

There are many different types of plants which you can grow in a wall container. One of the most popular types of plants which are used in wall containers is succulents. These are great for wall art as they tend to be interesting shapes and are easy to care for. Succulents need watering when the soil becomes dry and this tends to be around every 7 days or so. This means that they are very easy to look after and require little maintenance.

Herbs can also make a very attractive wall art feature. This also has the obvious advantage that you can use the fresh herbs when you cook. There is nothing like the taste of fresh herbs which you have just picked yourself. This can be a great wall art feature for your kitchen or just outside your back door. It is also a great idea if you only have a small space outdoors. Herb wall art can be a great idea if you only have a balcony, or a small space in your kitchen.

Photo by hazel.estrada