Art You Can Put in Your Garden Without Breaking the Bank

You do not have to limit yourself to just thinking about plants in your garden design. You can incorporate art into the garden, so that you can create your own unique space.

Art has always been used in garden design. Think of the use of stones and sculptures in traditional Japanese garden design – this dates back thousands of years. It isn’t a new principle, but of course trends change over the centuries. The great thing about using art in garden design today, is that there really aren’t any rules or restrictions about what you can do. Just use your imagination and create the space that you enjoy. Here are some of the different types of art that you can consider using in your garden design.


garden sculpture photo
Photo by Brian Smithson (Old Geordie)

One of the most commonly used types of art structure used in garden design is sculpture. There are so many different types of sculpture available that you can easily find something which is both pleasing to the eye and within your budget.

Always make sure that the size of the sculpture fits well with your garden design scheme. A piece should integrate into the garden – it shouldn’t overwhelm it. The placement of the sculpture is very important. It can either be used as a focal point for your design, or as an accent piece. You can also group different sculptures together. There really are no rules – just go with what you think looks right to you.

Garden Ornaments

garden glass photo
Photo by jitze

Garden ornaments have also become very popular in recent years. They often used to be seen as something which wasn’t used in ‘serious’ garden design, but now they have become incredibly popular with professional designers and homeowners. You can have a lot of fun with choosing garden ornaments.

There are so many different types available. Gone are the days when all you could find in the garden store was a couple of brightly colored whimsical figures! Now there is something for everyone to use to brighten up their outdoor space. Just choose objects that you enjoy.

You do have to give some thought about where to place a garden ornament. It can be used as a focal point, or as a decoration in a particular part of your garden. It can be fun to place an amusing piece just out of sight around a corner, or up in a tree, so that you don’t see it all the time. See what works in your garden. Remember that with small garden ornaments it is easy to move them around, so that you find the place where they work best within your overall garden design.

Tromp L’oeil

Tromp Loeil photo
Photo by jitze


You may never have thought about using this years old technique to create interest in your garden, but it can certainly help you to create a very unique space. It is a rarely used technique which uses a two-dimensional art piece to create an illusion that there is space beyond that point. It is an optical illusion where the brain is tricked into thinking it is seeing something which it is not. Mirrors are often used to create the effect, but it can also be done with a two-dimensional painting.

The simplest way to create the tromp l’oeil effect is by using a mirror and integrating it into the design. You have to be careful to conceal the mirror so that it blends in with the garden – otherwise it just looks as though you have put a mirror at the bottom of the garden! Ways to do this include planting around the edges of the mirror so that it looks more like it is part of the garden. You can also place a structure, such as a trellis, close to the mirror so that the edges are disguised. If you get the effect right it can create a unique element in your garden. It can even be used in small gardens to create more of a sense of space.